Ms. R. Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson became a Golden Retriever person in the 1960s, when she acquired her first Golden as a companion for her aging German Shepherd. She has been intimately involved with Goldens ever since. She is the founder of Gold-Rush Kennels, located in Wrightstown, N.J. Her Goldens (owned, bred, or sired) have produced around 300 champions and many national record holders as well as two outstanding dogs with the Ch.-OTCh. title. In addition to the show champions, many dogs of her breeding have excelled in obedience, as working dogs, and even as Junior and Master Hunters. Gold-Rush dogs have also been utilized in narcotics detection and as therapy dogs.

Ann holds an A.B. in Biology and an M.S. in Zoology from Rutgers University, and completed the course requirements for a PhD. in Developmental Biology at Rutgers. She was also awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship to fund her PhD. research. In the 1970s she was Coadjutant Professor of Biology at Trenton State College. She has taught courses in Advanced Biology, Comparative Anatomy, Embryology, and Genetics at both the high school and college levels.

In the 1980s, she turned her attention full time to maintaining her breeding program and to educating those newly involved in and devoted to Golden Retrievers. She has been repeatedly listed by Golden Retriever World as one of the Top Breeders (in terms of number of champions finished each year). She has helped in animal rescue, and has judged at the GSGR Club Specialty. For clients and friends, she publishes an occasional newsletter, which in part addresses current issues and concerns pertaining to the breed.

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