Am. Can. Bda. Ch. Cummings' Gold-Rush Charlie, OS, SDHF

Gold-Rush Charlie was the foundation upon which Gold-Rush Kennels was established. In his brief two-year career, Charlie became the greatest winning Golden Retriever of all time; his best in show record stood for more than twenty years. He is still the only Golden Retriever to be named Top Sporting Dog (1974) and the highest ranking Golden based upon dogs defeated per year (Canine Chronicle, April 21, 1995). This achievement is all the more remarkable because his records were set at a time when there were far fewer shows and fewer dogs. Charlie was co-owned by Mrs. R. V. Clark, Jr. of Middleburg, Virginia, and handled to his championship by Mr. L. C. Johnson and to his record breaking career by Mr. William J. Trainor.

Click here for Ann's story of Charlie's show career.

His show record includes:

  • 42 All Breed Best in Shows
  • 105 Group Firsts
  • 67 Other Group Placements
  • #1 Golden Retriever in 1973, 1974 & 1975
  • #1 Golden Retriever at the GRCA National in 1974
  • #1 Sporting Dog in 1974
  • Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club, 1973 & 1974
  • Defeated over 34,000 dogs in 1974
  • Earned over 1,000 Hall of Fame Points

Charlie was a large powerful dog with heavy bone and a flowing coat, a magnificent full ruff and long arm furnishings. He had a broad skull, short muzzle, steep stop, round eyes and close-fitting ears and a kindly expression. He was also highly intelligent. Charlie was a wonderful companion for all of his 12 years and possessed an ideal Golden temperament. This temperament has become a Gold-Rush Hallmark.

Having sired 59 champions, Charlie has significantly influenced many breeding programs and the breed itself. His champion offspring, many of whom became famous in their own right, are:

	1. 	Wochica's Gold-Rush Bonanza, OD

	2.	Ch. Sandy Hill's Wochica's Jenny

	3.	Ch. Wochica's Golden Pumpkin

	4.	Ch. Wochica's Hickory Whisper

	5.	Ch. Wochica's Gold-Rush Banner

	6.	Ch. Combo Gold Rush of Golden Pine

	7.	Ch. Golden Pine Angel's Seraphim

	8.	Ch. Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear, OS, SDHF (1978 GRCA Nationals BOB)

	9.	Ch. Goldwing Rhythm-N-Blue

	10.	Ch. OTCh. Russo's Gold-Rush Sensation

	11.	Ch. Russo's Pepperhill Poppy

	12.	Ch. Jungold's Gold-Rush Callie

	13.	Ch. Stone's Gold-Rush Shiloh

	14.	Ch. Highgate's Gold Rush Rogue

	15.	Ch. Valhalla's Amber Velvet

	16.	Ch. Valhalla's Dogo Dancer

	17.	Ch. Ranchero Gold-Rush Sundancer

	18.	Ch. Gold-Rush Skyrocket, OS

	19.	Ch. Gold-Rush Razzle Dazzle

	20.	Ch. Goldwing's Tiffany, OD

	21.	Ch. Goldwing's Temerity, CD 

	22.	Ch. Golden Pine's Just-In-Time

	23.	Ch. Goldwing's Pink Panther

	24.	Ch. Goldwing Royal Elegance, CDX

	25.	Ch. Gold-Rush's Gold Dust Barney

	26.	Ch. Southern's Gold-Rush Traveler

	27.	Ch. Southern's Gold-Rush Willow

	28.	Ch. Ashlyn's AJ Golden Boy

	29.	Ch. Ch. Ashlyn's April Love

	30.	Ch. Gold-Rush Brigadier

	31.	Ch. Sandy Hill's Gold-Rush Jodie

	32.	Ch. Gold-Rush Ginge Binge

	33.	Ch. Gold-Rush Orange Blos'm Spec, CDX

	34.	Ch. Spannen's Kimberlin

	35.	Am. Can. Ch. Bonnie Island Gold-Rush Carla UDT*, Can. UDTX

	36.	Ch. Mercer's Sweet William

	37.	Ch. Ashwel's Gold-Rush Logan

	38.	Am. Can. Ch. Country Sun's Ms. Cricket

	39.	Ch. Golden Kelby Dustan

	40.	Ch. Gold-Rush Sweet Betsy

	41.	Ch. Golden Pine's O'Luv Amaretto

	42.	Ch. Gold-Rush Centennial Chipore, CD

	43.	Ch. Gold-Rush Midsummer Dream, UD

	44.	Ch.-OTCh. Gold-Rush Wild Trout, UD

	45.	Ch. Great Gatsby of Gold-Rush, WCX

	46.	Ch. Jungold's Gold-Rush Candida

	47.	Ch. Gold-Rush Prospector

	48.	Ch. Gold-Rush Chance for Mirkwood

	49.	Gold-Rush Palomino Pony, UD*

	50.	Ch. Wochica's Gold Dust

	51.	Ch. Starkins Dan-D-Dan Dazzler

	52.	OTCh. Jim-Jam of Fairlawn Acres

	53.	Ch. Spannen's Kolby, CD

	54.	Ch. Starfarm Wingfield Sumburst

	55.	Ch. Chalfont's Lady Kelly

	56.	Ch. Goldwing's Cadillac Jack

	57.	Ch. Gold-Rush Colchis Super Chief, CDX

	58.	Ch. Teakwood's Farm Russo's Troy

	59.	Edenfield's Starfarm Kylene, UD*

* = A dog holding a Utility Dog or Utility Dog Tracking title is the same value as a Show Champion.

Owned or co-owned by Gold-Rush        

Charlie's champion descendants, owned or co-owned by Gold-Rush, include:

	1.	Ch. Gold-Rush Alltheway, OS ("Tank") 

	2.	Ch. Calicos Challenger of Vanreel ("Challenger," "Cally Wally") 

	3.	Ch. Gold-Rush Copper Lee SDHF (1980 GRCA Nationals BOB) ("Copper")

	4.	Am. Bda. Ch. Copper Lee Gold Rush Apollo OS, SDHF ("Apollo")

	5.	Ch. Gold-Rush Little Bear ("Little Bear")

	6. 	Am. Can. Ch. Gold-Rush Matt Dillon ("Matt")

	7. 	Am. Can. Ch. Gold-Rush Mr. Briggs BOSS ("Briggsy")

	8.	Ch. Gold-Rush Ms. Disney ("Disney")

	9.	Ch. Gold-Rush Peg O'My Heart ("Margot")

	10.	Am. Can. Ch. Gold-Rush Osprey Lucky Charm ("Osprey")

	11.	Am. Can. Ch. Gold-Rush Pelcorp Uncle Sam ("Sam")

	12.	Ch. Gold-Rush Riki Tiki Tavi ("Tavi")

	13.	Ch. Gold-Rush Salute's Royal Flyer ("Flyer")

	14.	Ch. Gold-Rush Dance With Me ("Kelly")

	15.	Ch. Gold-Rush Rugby Challenge ("Rugby")

	16.	Ch. Gold-Rush Standing Ovation, CD ("Bravo")

	17.	Ch. Gold-Rush Tahitian Taffi ("Taffi")

	18.	Am. Can. Gold-Rush Tory Chief ("Blakie")

	19.	Ch. Gold-Rush True Gold ("Gold")

	20.	Ch. Highland's Gold-Rush Flash ("Flash")

	21.	Ch. Gold-Rush Lightnin', OS ("Lightnin' ")

	22.	Ch. Lizzie's Gold-Rush Echo, OS, SDHF (Top winning Golden in 1985) ("Echo")

	23.	Ch. Sir Maxwell Lee of Gold-Rush ("Max")

	24.	Ch. Vanreel's Max-N-Mom Effort, OS, SDHF ("Tinder")

	25.	Ch. Vanreel's Essence of Gold-Rush, OD ("Tess")

	26.	Ch. Westben Oak Ridge Cadet ("Dillon")

	27.	Ch. Westben's Dancing Bear CDX, OS, ("Dancing Bear")


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