Notes on Style and Content

Part I: Before Selecting a Puppy
Chapter 1: Choosing the Breed
Chapter 2: The Role of the Breeder
Chapter 3: Understanding Your Golden Retriever’s Evolutionary Origins

Part II: From Seven Weeks through Four Months
Chapter 4: Selecting Your New Puppy and Preparing the Home
Chapter 5: A Short Course on Bonding
Chapter 6: Caring for Your New Puppy
Chapter 7: Early Socializing and Training: Understanding Your Puppy’s Behavior
Chapter 8: Developmental Changes

Part III: From Five Months through Eight Months
Chapter 9: Developmental Changes
Chapter 10: Caring for Your Puppy
Chapter 11: Training Your Puppy

Part IV: From Nine Months through Twelve Months
Chapter 12: The Older Puppy

Part V: Health Concerns
Chapter 13: Vaccinations
Chapter 14: Feeding and Nutrition
Chapter 15: Common Health Problems
Chapter 16: Parasites
Chapter 17: Neutering and Spaying

Part VI: Additional Training for Specific Purposes
Chapter 18: Beginning Show Training

Part VII: Special Topics for New Owners
Chapter 19: Your Puppy’s First visit to the Vet, An Interview
      with Jean H. Cunningham-Smith, VMD
Chapter 20: Developmental Biology and Your Puppy, A Scientific Approach
Chapter 21: Perspectives on Cancer
Chapter 22: Perspectives on Hip Dysplasia

Glossary of Definitions and Terminologies