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—Francis Brentson

"Your Puppy Handbook is an invaluable guide to us."

—Lana & Paul Goldberg

"[The writing] clearly shows your style, intellect, and genuine love of Goldens and what you do."

—Judy Kramer

"Congratulations on the publication of your book! What a massive undertaking it turned out to be, but what a scholarly and important reference for those puppy buyers who want more than an overview from the vet or breeder."

—Nancy Talbott

"Such good information for anyone starting off with a puppy of any breed! Nice for Golden owners to have the specifics of the breed. On page 176, the table of parasitic drugs is concise and educational."

—Sherry Brothers, DVM

"It is beautiful, extremely well written, and thoroughly informative -- and makes us want to get more Golden puppies. After 23 unbroken years of Goldens, I cannot imagine life without them! ... If you wish to benefit from Ann's uncommon wisdom about Goldens, I highly recommend the "Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook." If you do not own a Golden, this book will make you want to! If you own or are planning on acquiring a Golden puppy, this book is essential reading. It is an engaging, highly readable, eminently practicable, trustworthy, breed-specific guide that focuses on raising a Golden during his or her first twelve months. However, much in the book also is applicable to understanding and caring for your Golden for the rest of your dog's life.

—John Hughes

"Just a little note of thanks for writing a wonderful new book on the care and up-bringing of Golden puppies. Your good, sound advice and plain common sense about protecting a growing pup's joints is so welcomed. It is a book I'm thrilled to recommend to anyone who has or is about to buy a Golden."

—Sharon Farnum

"[I] have really learned a lot. It is amazing to me how our interactions with a dog can actually create a "bad dog" because of their pack instincts. I particularly like the section on how to play with the puppy. I would have played chase and tug-of-war with our puppy without giving a second thought to the effect it has on obedience and dominance. I will also instruct my children on the proper way to play. Thank you for helping me to learn and to avoid long lasting mistakes."

—Tara Perretta

"Golden retriever puppies are special: anyone seeking to understand and raise a superior breed dog will appreciate THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY HANDBOOK: THE CARE AND TRAINING OF A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY FROM SEVEN WEEKS THROUGH TWELVE MONTHS. From acquisition to the puppy's first vet visit and the basics of feeding, the handbook packs in everything needed to handle the special requirements of the breed. An in-depth, highly recommended pick."

California Bookwatch

"The information is not only valuable for people with a Golden, anyone with a puppy should have it as well. Your experience with dogs backed by your expertise in biology, provides the reader with many tools. This information makes us more alert if problems occur....I read a few pages each night and am amazed at the information. So well documented and yet so personal. There is no doubt the author of this book is a devoted lover of all dogs."

—Marthann Masterson-Weaber

"R. Ann Johnson, the noted founder of Gold-Rush Goldens, has published the definitive book on Golden Retrievers....Her book is an essential resource for anyone contemplating bringing a Golden into their home, as well as anyone who already shares their life with one....Both well written and informative, this book will be pulled off the shelf almost daily after you bring home your precious puppy....So easy to read and understand, Ms. Johnson leads us through the life of a Golden, from the selection of a breeder and a puppy, through the very early days when the pup comes to your home, to the middle stages and finally to the needs and care of the older puppy....Like so many homes that cannot images a life without a Golden, I can't imagine a Golden home without The Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook, available through The Darwin Press."

Hampton Pet: A Magazine for Pets and their People

"Far from a simple pet owner's guide to the breed, this handbook should be on the shelves of all serious dog people."

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